logo de rosso

De Rosso is the factory born from the intuition of Roberto De Rosso, who in the ’80s has picked up the creative heritage of Alchemy and Memphis movements and merged it into a furniture style outside the box, lucidly visionary and emotionally fullfilling.
De Rosso is synonymous of elements and programs of exclusive design and fulfilling, which combines the research on the shapes with that of patterns, colors, surfaces. An explosive design, projected into the future, for which has been coined a neologism: pop-minimalism.
Exploring the endless narrative possibilities of the laminate, De Rosso imagines and creates amazing landscapes of interior design, and habitats that convey the excitement of a new beauty, capable of intercepting the aspirations of a public evolved, selective and culturally prepared.

It is a sliding doors system, not a wardrobe, to close spaces of any measurement and size, delimiting day and night equipped areas. It presents itself exteriorly with big and uniform surfaces, almost theatrical, and internally it is equipped with specific structures for various functions.

Due to the processing of DR•ØNE in Folding, you can easily realize a structure without sharp edges or visible joints. This process has the advantage of not showing edged side externally. The result is a structure made in one piece. A single panel undergoes a treatment that ensures an excellent result and allows to fully enjoy the aesthetics of the material. You can produce essential and resistant furnishings.