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Tonin Casa certainly has a long story: we started more than 40 years ago, from scratch, as we always say. The first step, was to produce shoe racks. We wanted our products to be the best possible example within Italian craftsmanship, so we asked the most skilled artisans to do what they did best: to build flawless furniture.
This goal, that still remains our main objective, led us towards a more modern production, in the ‘90s. We called designers and architects, the most creative people we got the chance to meet. We wanted a new wave to shape Italian tradition. It was hard and exciting, and it made us grow faster and faster; it taught us what we needed, to create products filled with energy and empathy, products thought to be part of their owners’ lives, forever.
To do so, we built our own home: a productive center located in our dear region, thought to allow people to work and think as openly and widely, as they possibly can; two Sales Departments, that constantly challenge themselves to provide the best service; a Contract Division, to create fully customized projects; a Technical and Style Section, to shape new concepts, to develop your total look Corners; a Marketing Department, to show the world that creativity is not confined to sold items.
The place where we work shows who we are. This is us, so far. And we are never done getting better.

An Interior Design company without clear goals, cannot be. These, are ours:
BE CLEAR: we want to reveal everything, to be as transparent and sincere, as possible. Part of our presentations, include detailed descriptions of what we work on, who we work with, and everything necessary for you to be sure of what you are buying. We take this seriously.
BE SIMPLE: Our designers work with lines, geometry and, most important, materials. Our need to “keep it simple”, expresses our desire to maintain the qualities of Italian craftsmanship, within the wide and ever-changing boundaries of the world of Fashion Furniture.
BE PRECIOUS: Made in Italy. It’s as simple as it gets. We make everything from scratch, and realize products that demand ambitious artisans, excellent designers, amazing materials. We make everything in Italy. We provide the best quality in furniture. This. Is. It.
BE EVERLASTING: We do have ambitions, ourselves. We dream of making furniture that will last forever. We look forward to completeness, to perfecting ourselves. Tonin Casa’s been around for a while, now; but we are working to make it everlasting.