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Founded in 1917, has it’s headquarters in Lissone (MB), in the heart of Brianza and has its roots in the immense patrimony of this important productive area. The company builds furniture with a constant eye back in tradition and experience, although using to its best every technological improvement made in these past decades. The result is a high quality product with a modern design, built to find reliable and durable solutions to its buyers. Simplicity, experience and know-how in choosing materials, relationships with the market and, not last, the capability of being always dynamic have given Trabattoni the possibility to become one of the sector’s leading company.

Zoe_Kids’ and youngs’ space. Elegant and contemporary design for an urban space destined for today’s dynamic kids: comfortable, tidy and really trendy.

Living_ Innovative cosy spaces studied to ensure perfect order, while having everything within hand’s reach. A harmonious space dedicated for family entertainment.

Atelier_ The suggestion of the great cities in furnitures designed for large and very personal apartments, ideal for young couples who love abosolute white. The atmosphere is modern, luminous, essential.