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We call it “one person, one design” and it means many things to us. When Callesella Lab designs and makes furniture, it focuses on the people and designers, customization and service. Our “made to measure” approach goes beyond “tailored” because it also includes our technological skill and innovation. The collection catalogues are the starting point for designing in line with the requests of architects and interior designers whose every project must be unique, special and different. With them, and for them, we alter size, use sample colours, find new finishes and build on an idea. Callesella Lab is where craftsmanship meets design with the one sole objective of customising quality.

We take care of every detail, from the very start
Identity. Each Callesella piece is unique and recognisable, we hope forever. It’s the result of a crafting process whose every phase is important, in which carefully programmed, detailed hand-crafting cannot be substituted. We’ve grown over the years but remain true to our origins in woodworking. To us this means having values derived from skill, desire to keep learning and innovating from our achievements, never dwelling solely on appearance but looking closely at the substance of things, however tiny. They make the difference.

Natural look and feel
Authenticity. We start here when selecting the materials we’ll use in our furniture. Real material, with an identifiable natural source, is what can be experienced without compromise, and amplifies the beauty of the design, becoming part of your home environment. Solid wood is the heart of Callesella furniture, used and combined in varying proportions with iron, glass, stone or marble in our various collections. Authentic material is timeless. It has always been used by craftsmen; it is ageless and gains in value over the years. We run our hands over the finished surface after every stage of crafting. We’re only satisfied if the sensation we get is a pleasant, warm tactile experience that immediately conjures up the natural feel and characteristics of the chosen material.