A courtyard house renovating the beauty of its interior with urban style through two protagonists of the living space: the staircase and the bookcase.
The bookcase has a vertical design and is divided into three parts. It separates the two floor s with a transparent structural glass ceiling/floor with metal frame for supporting the walking plane. A great scenic perspective connecting down and top in an airy way and integrating the solidity of saw cutting oak, chestnut, cherry and larch aged planks, and raw iron.
The staircase is highlighted by the single colored wall of the house, which underlines the aesthetic and functional characteristics: metal supporting structure, design handrail, oak panels covering that bring out the parquet and give uniformity.
Moreover, the staircase reveals its multifunctionality through the sliding system on wheels of the first steps becoming storage units.

Private House – Milan
ProjectArch. Francesco Campidonico