PINO the Montessori A Casa hanger

To assist a child we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely” wrote Maria Montessori. This approach is at the basis of the design of this product: it helps the child facilitating dressing and undressing with complete independence and having fun. With Pino the hanger children find everything they need in one place, close at hand: a little bench to sit, take off shoes and store them in the provided space; an enclosed space for kids’ rucksack or other bulky items, and the umbrella; a step for small children to climb; a series of flush double hooks and some shelves for hat, scarf and glove; modular building elements to place according to kids’ necessities.


Length75 cm
Width31,5 cm
Height120 cm
Price 210 €
Average delivery time: 3 weeks