Built to Last
A Poggenpohl kitchen is an investment in a lifetime’s enjoyment. We take the trouble to use the best possible quality of materials and components, and all our cabinets and units are assembled at the Poggenpohl factory in Herford, Germany.

The Craftsmanship Ethos
At the Poggenpohl factory in Herford, we combine the best of modern technology with hand craftsmanship. Our world-famous mirror-gloss lacquer surface, for example, is sanded by hand to achieve that famous flawless finish. The men and women who work at Poggenpohl take pride in their craft skills. Many have been at Poggenpohl for their entire working lives and pass on their skills to the next generation through our long-established apprenticeship program.

Designed for You
Each Poggenpohl kitchen is made to order – so it’s a true reflection of the needs, tastes and personality of each owner. From the way they like to cook to their favourite colors, finishes and materials, a Poggenpohl kitchen is designed and crafted for the individual.